Priorities align around the patient experience

This year’s top industry trend for health, the top business priority and the top IT priority each involved improving the customer and patient experience. Protecting data and equipment also is a top concern. At the same time, more health executives than ever say their digital strategies are producing results.

Key findings from our conversations with health executives in 2021 follow, or you may download the PDF.

Top health trends and industry priorities

Top trends
  1. Becoming digital organisations to meet customer/citizen expectations
  2. Protecting data and equipment through cyber privacy and cybersecurity
  3. Interoperability and standards
Top business priorities
  1. Improve customer experience through compliance to treatment guidance and supporting the patient at home
  2. Optimise today’s operations
  3. Collaborate across the boundaries of our organisation to deliver interoperability
Top IT priorities
  1. Improve the patient experience and reduce costs by digitising and automating healthcare
  2. Drive IT modernisation and new IT delivery models
  3. Digitise and automate business process across and beyond the value chain


say digitisation impacts their organisation’s
business model
plan investments in the customer/citizen
and employee experience
plan investments in integration
and interoperability

Health industry executives indicate accelerated progress in producing results from digitisation strategies, with 20% citing results compared to 14% last year. Of these digital leaders, common attributes include being more sensitive to data-privacy laws and regulations, better alignment of business and IT priorities and running a secure IT environment. Learn more about the attributes of digital leaders.