The 2022 CGI Voice of Our Clients presents the findings from our one-on-one interviews with nearly 1,700 executives across the industries and geographies we serve. These strategic discussions provide unique insights into how organisations view the impact of macroeconomic trends, industry trends and priorities, innovation investments and more.

Executives indicate progress with producing results from digital strategies, with 25% achieving such results in 2022, compared to 20% in 2021. Yet, cultural change and change management continue as top challenges facing both corporate and government leaders as they pursue their digital agenda.

Example attributes of digital leaders

In examining the insights from the 25% producing results who are digital leaders, some common attributes emerge. For example, digital leaders are more focused on sustainability, achieve closer alignment between business and IT, and modernise more applications. 

view sustainability as core to value creation
vs. 45% for digital entrants*
align business and IT operations
vs. 35% for digital entrants*
modernise more applications
vs. 37% for digital entrants*

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* Digital entrants are those building or launching digital strategies.