A new careers article by Corey Laliberte

July 2024

Is innovation just a buzzword or is it truly an integral part of the fabric of an organisation? As a Cloud Solutions Architect at CGI, I’d like to share my perspective of what it looks like when a company is fully committed to driving innovation.

Embedding a culture of innovation

Let’s start with a case study.

We recently assisted in the implementation of an air-gapped (a network that is physically isolated from external connections – the pinnacle of security), multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution for a customer in an operational technology (OT) environment.

After researching the market, we found a product that checked all our boxes. We designed and implemented a solution securing all Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) traffic to servers in the client’s OT environment with MFA. This integration with the customer’s existing MFA solutions in the cloud made the transition less impactful on users.

Using the same software, we restricted communication between source and destination, thereby securing communication for all internal service accounts between servers and services. This significantly reduced the risk of a threat actor using modern ‘kerberoasting’ exploitation techniques (an attack that attempts to obtain the password of an administration account owner so they can then impersonate them ). We also curbed the possibility of lateral movement of account identities within the environment, this minimises the chances that once inside the environment, an attacker can move around collecting other credentials and creating pathways for future attacks.

We accomplished all of this because ours is a dynamic organisation that fosters a culture of creativity, empowerment and continuous learning with tremendous support driving innovation. Members are encouraged to share ideas for new ways to solve client challenges.  This is supported with access to training, mentorship and professional development activities. Combined, these initiatives help our consultants, who we call CGI Partners to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to scale their ideas and create value.

As for me, I choose to lead by example, to inspire others and to demonstrate personal commitment to our customers and the business. I embrace new ideas and take calculated risks to challenge the status quo. My goal is to create a safe, supportive and inclusive environment where team members feel empowered to share ideas, take risks and learn from failure without fear of criticism. After all, innovation promotes business growth by delivering the perfect solution specific to the customers’ needs and business processes.

Collaboration is key

Innovative organisations remain open to external partnerships, customer feedback and market insights. Collaboration brings together individuals with diverse backgrounds, skills and perspectives. We leverage this collective expertise to generate creative ideas, identify potential solutions and address complex problems from different angles.

By gathering feedback, iterating on designs and refining solutions based on real-world insights and evolving business needs, we can create even more innovative and effective outcomes.

The recipe for driving innovation at CGI

At CGI, our business analysts and solution architects sit at the intersection of technology, business requirements and user needs.

Solution architects have a deep understanding of software architecture, system design principles and technology platforms. They analyse complex problems, identify root causes and develop scalable, fit-for-purpose solutions which also address business requirements and technical constraints. With their help, technical requirements and designs are effectively articulated to business users and technical stakeholders.

Business analysts, on the other hand, have robust analytical and critical thinking skills to analyse business processes. They bring a strong understanding of change management principles and processes. To foster a collaborative work environment, they work closely with cross-functional teams to build deep relationships with stakeholders.

It’s this collaboration between teams and individuals that drives innovation.

Innovate with us at CGI

At CGI, we are firmly committed to creating transformative solutions and to driving innovation with collaboration.

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