Taking care of our people

When you join us, you become a 'CGI Partner' – not just an employee – so we go the extra mile to look after you and your family.

In fact, we want you to feel part of the family, comfortable in bringing your whole self to work in a place where your work-life balance is respected. We will always work with you to ensure you can thrive in both environments, and that’s not a benefit, it’s a promise.

Our career development frameworks., learning and development offerings, health and wellbeing program, and our focus on work-life balance, keep CGI Partners inspired, engaged, and healthy. Furthermore, you can have confidence that our financial resilience, global presence, long-term stability, and growth will always back your ambitions.


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Our programs that support you

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Helping you build a fulfilling career

From programs that deepen your skills to interesting assignments that broaden your horizons, at CGI, you will advance your career in partnership with leaders who support your development. Our flat structure will make it easy to see opportunities and grow at your own pace, with multiple career pathways available to help you towards leadership, subject specialism, or a complete change of direction. 


Annual career development plan

We are committed to guiding you on your career path, providing the support and guidance you need to fulfil your career goals. Our career development process allows CGI Partners to share you career aspirations with your manager and discuss the best course for getting you to where you want to be. Your career development plans are continuously updated based on your specific career objectives.

Established career model framework

We have an impressive and diverse range of expertise and skills at CGI and our career framework has been developed to support all types of careers.  The framework has been established to put you in the driving seat.  The fully flexible model allows you to easily move between roles, broaden and diversify your skills, and/or deepen your expertise by moving up the levels.   Our Career Champions are on hand to offer experienced guidance and knowledge-sharing.

Leadership development

A wide variety of learning opportunities are provided through the CGI Leadership Institute to help CGI Partners continuously develop your leadership abilities and enhance your knowledge in your area of expertise.


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Access to continuous learning

Learning is part of our DNA. Professional development is essential for us to stay up-to-date and relevant in the work we do. We also know that professional development is a key requirement for our CGI Partners to grow their careers and lead the way.




Everyday learning

We offer a range of interesting assignments, job rotations and mentoring programs to fulfil your career objectives and support your development.

On-demand learning

Through our global learning platform, CGI Academia, there are 58,000+ assets on business, technology, and leadership topics. Most learning is on-demand, enabling you to plan where, when, and how you build your skills.

The platform offers interactive code learning across the latest technology and programming languages, learning and certifications with our strategic alliance partners, and even foreign language learning to hone your skills when writing and speaking with clients and colleagues. 


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Investing in your health and well-being

Health and well-being at CGI is not a “tick in the box.” We strongly believe it is foundational to the success of our Partners. As such, our Partners can choose from a host of global and local programs, resources, and initiatives designed to help them thrive personally and professionally in an inclusive and safe work environment. 




Our global health and well-being center of expertise, comprising a multidisciplinary team of workplace well-being experts, leads our global strategy, efforts, and direction to embed health and well-being best practices into everything we do. Initiatives in Australia include skin checks, flu vaccinations, mental health awareness, and lots more.

Member Assistant Program (MAP)

MAP offers you and your family free and confidential psychological counselling and support services for personal or professional challenges.

Mental Health First Aiders Network

This program provides peer-to-peer mental health support and encourages a culture of openness around mental health. The networ


We want our Partners to feel secure and supported. That’s why we provide free salary continuance, life insurance and total and permanent disablement insurance to be there when you need us most. 






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Promoting work-life balance

We strongly believe that work-life balance is crucial to our success and the success of our Partners. We promote a culture of flexibility, offering hybrid working and flexible hours wherever possible, and invest in activities and services that support our Partners in achieving this balance. 


Gender-neutral paid parental leave

We know how important paid time off is when nurturing a new family member. We offer 16 weeks of paid parental leave to primary caregivers, in addition to Government funded leave. Our policies are gender-neutral and also apply to families welcoming a new family member through adoption.  As a member of the corporate register for the Stillbirth Foundation, we also offer the same leave to families experiencing stillbirth.

Flexible holidays

We offer 20 days of annual leave, plus local public holidays. You also can buy or sell leave to suit your individual needs.

Social clubs

CGI encourages Partners to get together to build relationships through social clubs. These clubs receive financial support from CGI and include a wide range of social activities. Previous events in Australia have included bowling, bake-offs, go-karting, and pub trivia.   

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Supporting you to support others

We are an active part of the communities in which we are based, sharing our expertise with outreach initiatives and social enterprises, and volunteering for local causes. Every Partner is given a volunteering day each year and can nominate local groups and community projects for CGI backing and wellbeing support.


CGI for Good

Our digital volunteering tool gives you access to local and global volunteering opportunities. 

STEM Camps

We run annual STEM camps to encourage the interest and appreciation of STEM for under-represented groups in our industry. In 2023 our STEM Camp targeted the female cohort and in 2024 our focus turns to Aboriginal & Torres Strait islander students.   

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Recognising your value

One of CGI’s key leadership principles is for leaders to recognise the value of others and give credit for their team members' accomplishments. We celebrate and reward the contributions of our colleagues through a variety of global programs such as:


The Builders Award

Honouring CGI Partners whose behaviours and actions that demonstrate leadership, and whose contributions, over time, have helped generate outstanding value for our stakeholders.

Seniority recognition program

Celebrating milestone career anniversaries and thanking CGI Partners for their contributions.


Our peer-to-peer e-recognition platform: Using our internal intranet to highlight fellow CGI Partners who exemplify our values.

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