Be yourself. Really.

There should be no limits placed on a person’s dreams, aspirations and ambitions. That’s why at CGI we are unconditionally inclusive.

We strive to create an environment where you can always be unconditionally you. We are committed to actively listening, effecting changes and creating opportunities for all within our walls, as well as across the broader industry.

Our Leaders and CGI Partners all champion initiatives to encourage Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I). Our commitment to inclusion runs through all of our policies, processes and frameworks and our Partner led DE&I council delivers an annual calendar, actively promoting different cultural celebrations and key calendar dates.

Tara McGeehan

"We believe as a company, that we should reflect society and that the best of CGI is a reflection of what our clients look like and also society looks like"

Tara McGeehan – President, CGI UK and Australia


Our mission to encourage under-represented groups in the IT industry into STEM careers

  • We run STEM camps to increase interest in STEM from grass-roots levels for under-represented groups in our industry.
  • We have run interactive STEM camps for females and for Aboriginal & Torres Strait islander students. 
  • Our STEM at home packs are aimed to inspire the next generation of IT professionals through downloadable resources for at home learning

How we support the careers of our Partners who identify as women 

Our ‘Women of CGI’ program

Our ‘Women of CGI’ program encourages more women into the IT industry, making CGI a place where they enjoy working, and improving the balance of women in leadership and senior positions

Mentoring programs

Our targeted mentoring programs and leadership training courses assist with increasing the representation of females in leadership positions

Endorsed by Work180

We are endorsed by Work180, as an employer who actively supports the careers of all women and we have featured in the top 101 employers for women in Australia in 2023 and 2024

Women's network

Our Partner led women’s network helps ensure women get every opportunity to thrive


Gender-neutral paid parental leave

We offer 16 weeks of paid parental leave to primary caregivers, in addition to Government funded leave. Our policies are gender-neutral and also apply to families welcoming a new family member through adoption. As a member of the corporate registry for the Stillbirth Foundation, we also offer the same leave to families experiencing stillbirth

Gender pay gap

We have removed the gender pay gap for like-for-like roles across the Australian business

Tailored health and wellbeing program 

Our health & wellbeing program has tailored content for women such as an annual women’s health workshop 

Supporting women's charities 

A number of our activities in our Responsible Business program support women, such as ‘Pink Ribbon Day’ and ‘It’s in the Bag’.

When looking for a supportive and equal IT employer, what should women be looking for?

Hear from HR Director, Ebony Waugh as she shares the things that our partners love about CGI and how we're living up to our Work180 endorsement


Untitled artwork by Keturah Zimran

The artwork is an untitled piece by Keturah Zimran, OA. Oil on Canvas, 2008.  Keturah is an Ikuntji artist from the community of Haasts Bluff and her languages are Arrernte, Luritja and Pintupi. CGI acquired this work in the mid 2000’s and the digital rights in 2023. The work is proudly displayed in the lobby of our North Sydney office.


Our First Nations Program  

  • Our First Nation’s program is championed by executive leadership and delivered by a passionate working group, with 5 shared objectives to:
  1. Grow knowledge, awareness and respect towards First Nations peoples.
  2. Be meaningful, with tangible outcomes that have a positive impact on First Nations peoples.
  3. Align with our Responsible Business Model and be valued by our members, clients and shareholders.
  4. Invest in professional development opportunities of First Nations youth.
  5. Respectfully engage with and support First Nations organisations.
  • Our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was endorsed in 2023.
  • CGI are proud supporters of the GO Foundation who empower indigenous students through the power of education and cultural connection.
  • All Australian CGI Partners complete First Nations Cultural Awareness training.


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