Lauren Davis, Project and Service Delivery Manager, knows how important the right support is in making a successful return to work.

Joining CGI after her employer, Logica, was acquired in 2013, Lauren has been integral in leading our Application Product Development team in Melbourne – all while juggling being a new mum.

We sat down with Lauren to find out more about her role, what she’s working on and her tips for developing a reward career.

Hi Lauren, tell us a bit about your role and how you got to where you are today.

I am currently a Project and Service Delivery Manager, supporting the management of the Application Product Development team for CGI’s Melbourne-based SCADA and IoT offerings.

My path into project management initially began with a small consulting opportunity at a client site, where I managed myself. As the client’s requirements ramped up, more people were added and it evolved into a development project, split into two phases.

Eventually, I found myself managing a team of five and spent five years on and off there, delivering phased implementations across three different custom applications. Two of those applications are still in use and continue to be supported by CGI.

What do you enjoy most about your day-to-day work?

Product development is particularly interesting when it’s part of a wider IT company. At CGI, we run the full gamut of everything in the IT space, which means that we get to see our products deployed as part of a wider process – and that’s really rewarding!

All of our members need to be made fully aware of every single one of our products, so they can use our technology as part of the solutions delivered to clients.

At the moment I’m especially enjoying working on two exciting IT offerings: MOSAIC and CGI SensorInsights360.

What’s your most memorable moment in your time with CGI?

I’ve been involved in many challenging, interesting and rewarding projects over the years, but I’d have to say that my most memorable experience was turning up to a client site to deliver a server and being blocked by a very large picket line.

We returned the next day with special permission to go through, but I’ll never forget the sea of mostly burly blokes parting to let us by. It was my very first project and I was already quite nervous about spending time on a client site!

How would you describe the culture at CGI?

It’s an extremely positive culture, and there’s a lot of emphasis on creating an encouraging, supportive environment for women in the tech industry.

I think the main driver of this is our President, Tara McGeehan. She is very inspirational when it comes to supporting and managing some of the changes that we have seen flow down into our business. She also has a way of making each and every member of CGI feel important and valued.

What learning and development opportunities have you been a part of recently?

This year, I joined CGI’s formal mentoring program, the Key Achievers Program (KAP). KAP is different to standard mentoring programs. It has a very established framework that partners you with a mentor who is more senior in the business and located outside your own immediate geographic area.

This has been really beneficial for employee development and career growth throughout the company, including my own. It exposes you to different ways of working, and gives you the chance to bounce ideas off new people and rethink your approach to particular challenges.

There are also a number of female-centred initiatives that I have been fortunate enough to be a part of, such as the International Women’s Day panel.

If you could give someone hoping to grow a rewarding career one piece of advice, what would it be?

If you’re lucky enough to work for a company that empowers you to keep growing, take every opportunity they provide!

Throughout my entire journey with CGI, my career development has been encouraged and supported. There are continuous opportunities to grow and learn here, in a culture that truly champions women in tech.

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