Top trends and priorities focus on optimised, sustainable and protected operations

We met with 172 manufacturing executives to understand their top priorities and how they plan to navigate these uncertain times. Manufacturers cited sustainability as the top industry trend and optimizing operations as their number one business priority—the same as last year. Cybersecurity tops IT priorities and has grown in importance. Discover more top trends and priorities.

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Macro trends impact felt acutely
≥ 25pp increase in
manufacturers citing high impact of the shift in world economic order, climate change and supply chain reconfiguration vs. other industries

Sustainability grows in importance
feel strongly that sustainability is core to creating future value, up from 73% in 2022

Tighter IT-business alignment could drive better strategy results
say IT and business are highly aligned to drive strategy execution

Business model transformation is needed
say their business models are highly agile to address digitisation, including the integration of new technologies

Data is an untapped opportunity
rate their data strategy as mature enough to achieve business model resiliency

Manufacturing VOC Key findings

Overall, achieving results from digital strategies is progressing slowly. When comparing insights from the 20% producing results (digital leaders) to those building or launching digital strategies (digital aspirants), common attributes emerge.

Digital leaders in manufacturing are focused on optimised and protected operations underpinned by data-driven decisions. Notably, this year, the gap between digital leaders and digital aspirants has reduced.

Manufacturing digital attribute 1

Have highly aligned business and IT operations to support their strategy

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants


Manufacturing digital attribute 2

Have highly agile business models to adapt to

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants


Manufacturing digital attribute 3

Cite fewer challenges from legacy systems to digital implementation

Digital leaders


Digital aspirants



Get back to basics by streamlining your IT and shopfloor landscape
for agility, speed to market and cost efficiencies.


Get your data ready
to inform plans with real-time information and become data driven.


Build flexible supply chains
to prepare for production demand and maximize value creation.


Collaborate using platforms
to thrive in industry convergence and new ways of working.


Stay focused on IT and OT security
ensuring it allows for data sharing and protection.


Manufacturing VOC 5 recommendations

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