Learn how to make your Australian, and business-critical infrastructure cyber secure

Download our essential THINGUIDE for cyber security and business-risk decision makers managing critical assets.

What you’ll learn inside:

  • Is your organisation affected by Australian critical infrastructure legislation? Are you part of Australia’s Systems of National Significance (SoNS)?
  • How to develop a plan, and the security controls essential to protect critical infrastructure
  • How to understand the current threat landscape and assess your company's risks
  • What obligations Australian companies have to protect their critical infrastructure and systems of national significance
  • How to develop and structure a cyber incident response team
  • The steps to take to create critical infrastructure security risk review processes

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Securing Australia’s Critical Infrastructure is just that, critical. Recent legislation, including the Security Legislation Amendment (Critical Infrastructure Protection), has increased and better defined the obligations placed on Australian companies and directors.

Where to start? This guide sets out how CXOs and board level decision-makers can approach securing Australia’s Critical Infrastructure. The advice enclosed applies to all organisations whose assets are critical to business operations. It can also support you in setting up best practice protocols to reduce reputational and financial damage to your organisation, your customers and your team members.