We're proud to partner with State Governments and Local Councils across the country, delivering solutions to address challenges in the provision of:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Transport
  • Justice
  • Finance
  • Emergency and essential services.

We deliver services in Australian Government digital transformation, Australian Government cyber security, data management and cloud provision. 

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of Government digital leaders realise faster ROI from their digital strategy vs. 4% for digital aspirants*
of digital leaders align business and IT operations vs. 23% for digital aspirants*
see high impact of digitisation on their business model vs. 55% for digital aspirants*


Each year CGI undertakes to meet with key government stakeholders from around the world to understand their top concerns and how they plan to advance their digital journey. These strategic conversations provide a unique view into how macro and industry trends affect business and IT priorities and investment plans.

Based on our discussions with Australian government stakeholders about their digital transformation of government services, particular findings from the global insights resonate locally:

Improving digital citizen-services is the #1 priority

Improving the citizen experience is the top trend, business priority and IT priority once again for government executives in this sector. Yet only 21% say they are producing expected results from digitization strategies, lagging most other industries (33%).

Use of IT Managed Services to rise

54% of Government Executives who shared their insights cite using full or substantial managed services for IT applications now, rising to 57% in 2 years.

Legacy systems hinder progress

56% say legacy systems are very challenging to implementing their digital strategies. At the same time, 59% have modernized less than 20% of their applications today. Only 28% have modernized more than 20%; however, 63% plan to do so over the next 2 years.

Cyber security sharpens in focus

Cyber security rises as a business priority to rank second. 51% of executives say they have an enterprise cyber strategy in place. Another 33% say their strategy extends to the external ecosystem. Yet only 31% are seeing results from those strategies.

Sustainability is core to value creation for many

40% of government executives view sustainability as highly core to creating future value for stakeholders. This is significantly higher than other government sectors, including central and federal government (25%) and defence and intelligence (15%), reflecting the closer nature of citizens to local policies.

Digital leaders manage fewer cloud providers

Only 28% of government executives in this sector say they manage multiple cloud solutions holistically. Digital leaders average 4.1 cloud providers compared to digital entrants with 5.7. Digital leaders also have markedly fewer ecosystem partners overall – 5.8 vs. 15.5 for digital entrants.

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Cyber Security Services for State Government 

We help organisations achieve cyber security resilience and are a trusted partner of State Government and other public service organisations across Australia.

Against a backdrop of unprecedented challenges, we are helping Government to transform citizen services through the provision of convenient and secure digital solutions.

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