(Please note: our apologies, the quality of the audio between the 4 and 8 minutes is partially impacted - after that it is fine)

The e-Estonia project is regarded as the global standard for the creation of an advanced digital society, providing the citizens of Estonia access to e-services that make life more convenient and efficient.

With over 3,000 services available in Estonia’s digital eco-system, there are applications relevant to all levels and departments in Australian government.

CGI is proud to have played a critical advisory role over the life of the project and in this webinar we share more details of what Estonia has achieved, and key elements of the project that have made it so successful.

Topics covered:

  • Open standards, the key benefits of a cross agency & border digital ecosystem
  • Digital Identity and the X-Road
  • Considerations and barriers
  • Strategic ITS architecture utilised
  • The cyber security infrastructure


Tobias Koch, Public Sector Digitalisation Expert for CGI Estonia, will guide you through the project and best practice solutions that could be implemented both at a local and country-wide scale in Australia. He will also share the strategic ITS architecture utilised and how cyber security plays a critical role.

Piret Urb, Director of International Relations, Information System Authority – RIA, Republic of Estonia. The RIA Estonian governmental body develops and maintains the core infrastructure of the e-government and is responsible for ensuring the cyber security of the country. Piret will join Tobias in sharing her perspectives on successfully overcoming project challenges, and the public / private sector collaboration.