Racing Technology Transformation

We help you digitise your business processes and workflows to become more efficient and develop new platforms that help generate revenue. Our unique knowledge of trackside technology and systems integration allows us to completely digitally transform and modernise your organisation.

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Race Integrity

Scalable technology platforms that ensure racing and regulatory compliance.

Animal Welfare

Digital tracking, registration and engagement platforms that protect animal welfare.


Solutions that support governance and standards and safeguard integrity

Member Engagement

Marketing automation integrations that enable data driven, multi channel member engagement and real-time customer insights

Digital Transformation

Digitally transform any existing organisational process and modernise old business systems.

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Welfare & Integrity

CGI has developed a series of solutions that support animal welfare and race integrity including our Vet Sampling app and Integrity platform. We deliver better post-racing outcomes, governance, and compliance for your industry. Our welfare and integrity platforms are built and ready to integrate into your organisation as you see fit.

Platform development & integration

Our deep understanding of the racing industry, regulators, and its technical requirements mean we know how to develop relevant new digital platforms. We provide you with technology that improves your business operations and promotes the product of racing. Our tailored platforms integrate across industry ecosystems and drive meaningful ROI.

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Data engineering & integration

Our data experts can help you digitally transform, save time and simplify your business by making complex data platforms and transitions manageable, reliable and transparent.

We consolidate, reorganise and integrate your customer data so that you can access it all in one place for easy analysis. By cleaning, reconciling and connecting your data platforms you can can create a single holistic view of a your organisation and its customers.

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Digital product development

We help you develop smarter digital products that enhance your organisation and the member experience. By integrating digital, mobile platforms into the racing ecosystem you can digitise all aspects of your business. Our expertise include:

  • Integration platforms for member & regulatory databases
  • Competition & scrutineer platforms
  • Oversight & regulatory platforms
  • Wagering, partner & media integration platforms

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