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Utilities are in the midst of unprecedented transformational change. The rapid adoption of distributed energy resources (DERs), evolving regulatory mandates, and growing expectations from customers participating in the energy ecosystem are driving this evolution at scale and pace. How can...

A whitepaper produced by CGI & CES around automotive sensors in hybrid navigation systems for advanced air mobility.

CGI is confronting the industry’s need for process automation head-on with the release of our next-generation credit management platform, CGI Credit Studio. Utilising workflows modelled with BPMN, CGI Credit Studio workflow automation software, leads to significant improvements to credit operations.

CGI is addressing these challenges through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in debt collection and machine learning (ML), and this is creating new opportunities to improve the customer experience in collections.

The 2023 CGI Voice of Our Clients presents the findings from our one-on-one interviews with 1,764 executives across the industries and geographies we serve. In this publication, we examine the most impactful macro trends for our clients in 2023.

Executives indicate progress with producing results from their digital strategies, with 25% achieving such results in 2022. In examining the insights from this 25% who are digital leaders, some common attributes emerged.

In today’s reality, where change is accelerating, digital leaders recognise the need to sense and respond to change quickly and to design their business and operating models to be agile. It is no longer enough to be the most efficient...

Executives indicate accelerated progress from their digitization strategies. In examining the attributes of the 20% who are producing results, common attributes emerge. Digital leaders collaborate and innovate more and achieve closer alignment between business and IT.

In this paper, CGI outlines a new way of looking at payments modernisation, refocusing on the payment service user—typically the retail or commercial customer of a financial institution.