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The decarbonisation of the energy system and the high penetration of DERs quickly transform the landscape of distribution grids. Navigating towards a stable, secure, and resilient distribution system will require significant investment in grid assets and greater insights to address...

CGI OpenSea360 is the nerve centre of your vessel. Thanks to its open architecture and secure, redundant network, it links together on-board and off-board systems from your chosen vendors. This helps reduce the weight and complexity of your boat.

Improving the lives and wellbeing of citizens and consumers

This year marks the 45th anniversary of our company, and I couldn’t be prouder of our members* around the world who have been supporting our clients for nearly half a century. Within the context of a global pandemic, social unrest...

The strategic decisions that Australian power utilities make in 2022 are critical to the future of a decarbonised and sustainable energy system. To navigate the journey ahead, you need a technology integration partner that is trusted to do complex things...

CGI operates across the Cyberspace, Space, Military Space, Aerospace, Maritime, Land, Business Systems and Intelligence domains.

With deep industry and technology expertise, our consultants work with you to improve business agility so you can drive efficiencies and reduce costs as you continue to advance your strategic goals.

CGI consultants compare data among peers, across industries and geographies, based on benchmarking data from a knowledge-base that represents 1 million data points provided from 7,470 discussions with executives for the last 6 years alone.

Accurately analyze business volumes and workforce requirements with tactical resource planning, job scheduling, workflow management, and mobile functionality for intelligent scheduling recommendations based on key organizational metrics.