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Umer Qureshi discusses his work as a Cybersecurity Analyst and how he has been able to develop his career at CGI.

CGI’s E-Yang Tang goes behind the scenes at our Cybersecurity and Digital Services team, sharing an inside look at the current projects and innovative culture.

CGI’s Christophe Demangeot discusses the real-world potential of blockchain, in particular how it could be used to fix the inefficiencies he experienced in Australia’s immigration process.

We’ve interviewed Lauren Davis, one of our Project Managers in Melbourne, to find out about her role at CGI. Read the full interview to learn about her experience at CGI over the past seven years.

CGI consultants created a game called Spoofy to teach young students valuable cybersecurity skills.

The quest for modernisation has led to a hybrid IT landscape, creating challenges for IT Operations (ITOps) teams. Ranjit Rajagopalan discusses how CGI applies artificial intelligence operations to transform ITOps and deliver better outcomes.

As traditional businesses grapple with the need for digital transformation, the importance of enterprise architecture has come into sharp focus. Deepak Chaudhary discusses how enterprise architecture supports and enables digital transformation.

Harnessing big data has resulted in transformational technologies, but none hotter than Artificial Intelligence (AI). Ranjit Rajagopalan explores where the future of AI and big data is headed.

CGI’s Rory Kaplan, Senior Offering Manager for Trade and Supply Chain Solutions, Patrick DeVilbiss, Director of Consulting, and Colin Zeglen, Product Manager for Trade and Supply Chain Solutions, sat down with TXF to discuss how operating in a pandemic environment...