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Harmony Week is a way to celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity, inclusiveness, respect, and a sense of belonging for everyone. This year, at CGI to celebrate our diversity, our members across Australia have created a collection of their favourite, mouth-watering and...

This International Women’s Day, we asked 10 of our Australian female members to elaborate on the significance of CGI’s ‘ownership’ culture and share its impact on their own careers so far.

Nik Dragovic discusses the difference between a good manager and a great manager, and shares some tips on how you can develop successful leadership skills.

Engineering and IT aren’t known as careers that demand high level soft skills. But in SCADA at least, soft skills and empathy are absolutely essential for success. Jesline Justine explores the role of humanity in SCADA engineering.

Cybersecurity is critical for effective functioning of a digital society. Deepak Chaudhary discusses how Machine Learning and AI are transforming the world of cybersecurity.

Umer Qureshi discusses his work as a Cybersecurity Analyst and how he has been able to develop his career at CGI.

CGI’s E-Yang Tang goes behind the scenes at our Cybersecurity and Digital Services team, sharing an inside look at the current projects and innovative culture.

CGI’s Christophe Demangeot discusses the real-world potential of blockchain, in particular how it could be used to fix the inefficiencies he experienced in Australia’s immigration process.

We’ve interviewed Lauren Davis, one of our Project Managers in Melbourne, to find out about her role at CGI. Read the full interview to learn about her experience at CGI over the past seven years.