The problem

Traditional oil and gas producers are facing new challenges and opportunities in the push to net zero. To maintain their position as key players in the industry, it is crucial to stay connected to your customers and be a part of the growing e-mobility market. Digital transformation of the oil and gas industry will underpin success.

As the industry decarbonises, new and alternatives to carbon-based fuels will need to be implemented, supply chains shortened, and energy use optimised.

We can help you navigate these changes find innovative solutions to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Oil and Gas


Delivering value in oil and gas

CGI brings unique capabilities and experience in upstream, midstream, downstream and renewables operations.

Leveraging our deep domain expertise and technology solutions, we help you take the next step in your oil and gas digital transformation journey to drive optimized business outcomes.

The uptake of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the oil and gas industry increases the complexity of maintaining the security of our critical assets. CGI in Australia provides comprehensive cyber security services and solutions. 

Read our brochure for real-world examples of our work across these domains. It demonstrates a subset of our capabilities and track record of delivering value to the industry for 30+ years with an end-to-end portfolio of consulting, systems integration, managed IT and business process services.

30+ years
supporting oil and gas clients
across the globe
upstream applications supported for
global oil and gas clients
250 million
fuel card transactions processed
by CGI every year


The oil and gas industry is going through a significant transformation which will have a fundamental impact on key industry players, underlying business models, and the entire value chain, ranging from generation and production to distribution and customer interaction.

The energy value chain is changing rapidly and increasingly digital in nature, requiring new competencies and acting with insight.


This requires new investment and business models to address growing competition and pressure to digitize, decarbonize and increase green production.


A strong commitment to sustainability is essential to growing the business. CGI helps energy executives continually sense and respond to dynamic change.