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Navigating a complex, multi-cloud and hybrid IT landscape

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Navigating a complex, multi-cloud and hybrid IT landscape

Many organizations struggle with inflexible cloud strategies, simplistic modernization approaches, immature cloud-native practices, and governance, security, management and operational models not designed for the cloud age. Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments often have evolved organically, and unsanctioned SaaS solutions have resulted in shadow IT.

Unaddressed, these situations will become the next legacy environment with associated technical debt. 

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Enabling adaptive, resilient and sustainable enterprises

Digital enterprises need to accelerate and future-proof their digital journey through more strategic use of the cloud. This requires living cloud strategies that adapt to constantly changing business realities. It also demands a smart, accelerated modernization approach that goes beyond lift and shift, encompassing foundations, data and core systems, in addition to the application portfolio. We manage the domain-by-domain decomposition and rebuilding of complex and monolithic business systems at the core (or handle their replacement with modern SaaS solutions). This includes modernizing and moving mainframes to the cloud.

At the same time, we work with clients to help them pursue opportunities generated by the cloud to achieve their sustainability goals.

Leaders look for strategic partners who can co-create, deliver and manage innovative cloud-composed, digital business solutions at pace and scale. Our approach relies on an end-to-end service portfolio designed to deliver such value.

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While IaaS, SaaS and cloud-first are increasingly common today, many enterprises still find it difficult to move their core systems to the cloud, and to modernize, manage and secure their complex hybrid cloud and IT environments. In addition, rising security and privacy incidents are affecting cloud strategies.

Realizing the full power of the cloud to fuel transformation also requires refactoring applications to modern, secure architectures (e.g., microservices) that leverage PaaS capabilities such as containers, serverless computing and cloud-native platforms. But success with such cloud-native approaches also takes new mindsets and methods such as agile and DevOps, with security by design.

Going cloud-native 

CGI helps clients use cloud-native platforms to modernize application portfolios and deliver new products and services at pace and scale, while protecting data and privacy, complying with regulation, and mitigating risk. 

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Seventy-six percent of executives we interviewed for the CGI Client Global Insights indicate their organization is using the cloud in some form to store and/or process data. When asked if they have mechanisms in place to locate where key data assets are stored in the cloud, however, nearly one-third either do not know, or do not have such mechanisms.

Many organizations consider cloud usage for its advantages of better cost control, agility and innovation. With the growing use of multi-cloud strategies across many industries, the criticality of rigorous plans and tools to manage data location, privacy and cloud security will only increase as a priority for IT and business leaders.

CGI helps clients benefit from cloud capabilities with a balanced approach that addresses our clients' obligations to protect critical personal or commercial data, protect privacy, comply with regulation and mitigate commercial risk. Whether in assessing cloud implementation strategies commensurate with an organization's risk posture, assisting in cloud adoption and “lift and shift” migrations, modernizing with cloud-native and DevOps methods, and ultimately managing and securing hybrid, multi-cloud environments, CGI has the expertise to support any cloud requirement, from strategy, roadmap and governance, to architecture and transformation, to secure operations and managed services.

As a vendor-neutral cloud broker, we can design best-fit solutions and handle any detail, including assistance with service integration and management (SIAM). We also understand that cloud strategy should be part of a broader digital transformation and emerging technologies strategy.

How we support a client's journey to hybrid cloud and IT

Technology governance & advisory

Establish/facilitate the technology governance function to protect against technology obsolescence, vendor lock-in, and facilitate multi-cloud and vendor integration and performance management (e.g. SIAM)

Cloud consulting

Analyze the cloud readiness and risk profile of your services, processes and IT workloads. Reimagine and design a best-fit hybrid secure cloud environment (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), including migration and transformation planning

Secure, hosted operations

Consider turnkey managed services where CGI operates and secures a modern, optimized hybrid, multi-cloud estate, from physical assets to containerized, serverless or cloud environments

Digital employee

Examine your workplace environment and service desk. Reimagine, design and secure a modern digital workplace (e.g., BYOD, VDI) and an AI-enabled, automated omnichannel service desk.

Next-gen technology and transformation services

Transform your application portfolio with CGI’s analysis, transformation and operations services with modern PaaS application environments (including cloud native, containers and DevOps)


AWS partner

As an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner, we deliver the cloud services clients need to drive innovation, scalability and resilience. 

Google Cloud partner

As a Google Cloud Partner, CGI uses Google’s flexible and powerful cloud technology—Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace—to deliver agile, scalable and elastic data and AI-driven cloud solutions.

Microsoft partner 

As a Microsoft partner (Gold and Global Managed Services), CGI delivers a broad portfolio of Microsoft offerings that help clients drive innovation, collaboration and business agility.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your application modernization and migration challenges and opportunities. Contact us for a conversation on how we can help you.

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