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The value of Voice of Our Clients interviews: Insights you can act on

Each year as part of our strategic planning program, we conduct the CGI Voice of Our Clients executive interviews with about 1,500 business and IT executives. By better understanding client trends and priorities, we can better align our investments to support client needs while our clients gain insights to help inform their investments and strategies, including:

  • The top industry trends and business and IT priorities
  • Leading practices from industry peers
  • Benchmarking data among peers and across industries and geographies 

Learn about the insights from our 2020 interviews in the CGI Client Global Insights Industry reports featured on this page, and about the benchmarking opportunities resulting from this program and knowledge-base.

Explore the 2020 insights

The 2020 CGI Client Global Insights present the findings from our one-on-one interviews with 1,447 executives across the industries and geographies we serve, with the interviews split nearly 50-50 between the periods before and after the pandemic declaration. The unique timing of these strategic conversations provides insights into how business and IT priorities are evolving rapidly. This year, leaders indicate a continued focus on meeting customer and citizen expectations with an increasing demand for agilityautomation and analytics.  

Industry trends

Top trends by impact

  1. Becoming digital for customers/citizens

  2. IT modernization

  3. Optimizing operations

  4. Cost/budget pressure

  5. Cybersecurity

Meeting customers' digital needs continues as top trend

Becoming digital to meet customer and citizen expectations is the top trend across industries in 2020 as it was in 2019. However, cost control/budget pressure and optimizing operations both rise in impact compared to last year. Cybersecurity lessens in impact.

Pandemic impacts: In interviews held after the pandemic declaration, executives see a higher impact for cybersecurity as a trend than they do for cost control.

Business priorities

Top business priorities by importance

  1. Customer/citizen experience

  2. Becoming digital for customers/citizens

  3. Optimizing operations

  4. IT modernization

  5. Agile supply chain

Customer experience is new top business priority

Executives indicate an increasing focus on the customer experience as well as an emerging priority for supply chain agility. For commercial executives, business agility is the third highest priority; however, government leaders do not cite it. The top constraint to achieving these priorities is now culture change and change management, replacing cost/budget pressure.

Pandemic impacts: In interviews held after the pandemic declaration, the number of executives citing the agile supply chain is much higher.

IT priorities

Top IT priorities by importance

  1. Becoming digital for customers/citizens

  2. IT modernization

  3. Cybersecurity

  4. Cloud delivery models

  5. Regulation

Becoming digital is new top IT priority

In 2020, becoming a digital organization rises as the top IT priority ahead of IT modernization this year. Cybersecurity and cloud delivery also rise as priorities.

Pandemic impacts: For interviews after the pandemic declaration, cybersecurity and cloud delivery models rise in importance.