Ruisrock, the most popular summer music festival in Finland, thought of the possibilities and turned to CGI for help. Through advanced video analytics, CGI enabled Ruisrock to capture more data on its 2017 festival.
SmartTravel combines digital technologies such as mobility, gamification, big data analytics and travel mode detection to influence and reward driver behavior.

Emerging technologies

Based on our 2017 CGI Client Global Insights, 48% of the 1,300 business and technology leaders we interviewed face-to-face say their organizations are experimenting with emerging technologies to meet evolving customer/citizen needs and move ahead of the competition.
Digital leaders are focused on figuring out the best path to modernization and are willing to make the necessary investment. The ultimate goal is to implement streamlined processes and emerging technologies that enable the organization to respond to the market agilely and deliver results quickly.
In terms of emerging technologies, digital leaders are investigating the advantages of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to generate more customer-centric insight, as well as automation and robotics to drive efficiencies and productivity.
They’re also investing in cloud technology, along with agile development methods, to speed up delivery. And, to keep pace with increasing cyber risks and regulatory demands, they’re pursuing more modern and robust security and compliance solutions. CGI is partnering with these leaders to provide innovative and proven solutions in each of these critical emerging technology areas. Explore our offerings, and contact us to learn more.

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     Source: 2017 CGI Client Global Insights