Explore the 2023 insights of 1,764 executives

The 2023 CGI Voice of Our Clients shares findings from our in-depth interviews with 1,764 executives across the industries and geographies we serve. These strategic conversations provide a unique view into how macro and industry trends affect business and IT priorities and investment plans.

Note: Macro trends rankings are based on answers indicating a high degree of impact (8+/10) on the organization; industry trends are ranked by impact, while priorities are ranked by importance.

Top macro trends

  1. Technology and digital acceleration
  2. Changing social demographics
  3. Fight against climate change

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Top industry trends

  1. Cyber security
  2. Becoming digital to meet customer/citizen expectations
  3. Sustainability (New)

Top business priorities 

  1. Improve customer/citizen experience
  2. Modernise IT
  3. Cyber security

Top IT priorities 

  1. Improve customer/citizen experience
  2. Modernise IT
  3. Digitize business processes

The gap between having a digital strategy and producing results reflects "early days" of holistic transformation:

have a digitisation strategy in place
include their external ecosystem
are producing expected results


Agility and resilience

  • 66% cite high impacts of digitisation on their business model
  • 20% cite high business model agility to address digitisation
  • 18% cite high maturity of organizational strategy to use data and digitisation for business model resilience

Strategic alignment

  • 44% rate business and IT operations as highly aligned to support strategy
  • 39% rate business and IT operations as highly integrated to execute strategy
professionals discussing business
consultants and client talking at table

Technology and data initiatives

  • AI tops innovation investment areas over next 3 years; today, 57% are investigating AI or doing proofs of concept
  • Cyber security is now the highest impact industry trend; the top-ranked cyber security area is employee training
  • Data management & governance and data quality are top improvement initiatives for data strategy over next 3 years

Key challenges

  • 80% have IT recruiting challenges
  • 55% cite culture change as the top barrier to achieving business priorities
  • 40% say legacy systems pose a high challenge to implementing digital strategy