Cloud native development is an approach to building and running applications that fully exploits the advantages of cloud computing. It’s about how applications are developed and deployed—not where.

Most importantly, it delivers nearly limitless computing power—on demand—along with modern data and application services for developers. Cloud native also increases the frequency and speed of deploying new or improved features to production environments.

CGI works with diverse teams—end users, business owners, industry experts, designers, and technology specialists—to deliver high-quality applications and services using cloud native technologies that are demanded by users, aligned with business objectives and technically feasible.

Recognizing the ever-evolving cybersecurity and data privacy challenges that influence cloud-based solutions, CGI helps clients take a comprehensive cloud approach that balances risk and value.

Agile transformation lab for a Fortune 50 retailer

CGI completed a project for a Fortune 50 retailer that transforms the way it writes software. Using Pivotal Labs as a template, the team used agile pair programming and continuous integration/continuous delivery approaches to re-platform an invoice management application to Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Envision a new way of becoming cloud native

  • Cloud native portfolio analysis - Structured analysis of the existing application portfolio, identifying candidates for cloud native application transformation
  • Cloud native design workshop - Human centered design methods to design an MVP
  • Brownfield or Greenfield cloud native sprint - Migration of an initial set of representative existing applications or develop an MVP for a new application
  • Cloud platform setup and configuration - Cloud platform implementation and operational hardening
  • Cloud native transform - Expertise to lead application transformation projects, manage an application transformation program, and scale cloud native adoption across the enterprise
  • Cloud native production and scale - Management of the cloud native platform, ensuring it’s continuously patched, regularly upgraded and maintained at the highest level of security