How will you realize the full potential of cloud-native development to accelerate your transformation?

Our cloud-native development approach uses systems thinking to focus on optimizing the whole. We look at the overall flow of work and value to eliminate the largest bottlenecks and balance human-centered design (HCD), domain-based composable software architecture, aligned team topologies, and cloud-native platforms. Overall, we work closely with you to get these dimensions right, and they are critical characteristics of our cloud-native software factory model. 
More specifically, we work with you on three fronts: 

  • Innovation compass (why and what) using HCD and domain and stream-based software architecture to prioritize and innovate the right things 
  • Innovation best practices (how) by co-developing the best team topologies and setups for agile, high-fidelity software innovation flows 
  • Flexible sourcing, skilling and scoping (who) to achieve collaboratively the best sourcing, skilling and scoping approach 

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Fueling an airline’s digitization with a cloud-native factory and DevOps

CGI is a long-term partner to a European airline in improving their customer experience and omni-channel sales. We helped the client plan and execute a modern API architecture, using integrations, microservices and an API Gateway, to enable consistent services across channels, including partners. The collaboration included forming a model for DevOps and CloudOps, operationalized in a scalable cloud-native development factory on AWS. The program reduced deployment times from hours to minutes, increased deployment frequency from bi-weekly to several per day, and cut wait times for infrastructure setup and changes to minutes. The increase in agility and speed to market is transformative.

Key services include:

•    Experience and Design
•    Dynamic Product Development Sprint
•    Cloud-native Platform Setup
•    Lean Agile DevOps @ Scale
•    Cloud-native Software Factory

Our partner ecosystem includes market leaders such as VMWare, RedHat, CloudFoundry and many more.

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