Vantage POB (Personnel On Board) is CGI’s personnel tracking and flight scheduling system. It is used by the oil and gas industry to control and monitor the movements of personnel to, from and between offshore and onshore facilities.

Effective emergency response requires knowing where everybody is at all times. Tracking the movements of personnel in the field and making sure they have gone through the correct safety training to perform their work is crucial for emergency response and mitigation. Standardizing the POB business process through Vantage POB enhances safety, security and operational efficiency.

Enhancing safety

Vantage POB ensures the right person with the correct certification goes offshore to perform work and that workers are refreshed and alert to perform tasks safely.

Training and certification records are maintained in Vantage POB only by employers and industry approved training providers. All passengers must be registered in Vantage POB before they can fly. Survival training, medical certification, travel history and qualifications are all checked prior to boarding. Passengers without adequate and up-to-date certification are prevented from travelling.

Enhancing security

Providing a common and reliable industry-wide data set, Vantage POB contains identity information for every worker, including a photographic ID. This helps to combat identity fraud and to prevent uncertified staff going offshore. All personnel data is protected through a layered and controlled security model, ensuring data can only be seen by those who need to see it.

Enhancing operational efficiency

Vantage POB manages logistics, security, safety, training and emergency response by integrating data from flight bookings, safety training records and on board lists. It improves the logistics of accommodation planning and helicopter transfers. It ensures the right number of people with the right skills are at the right locations for each job and safety role when needed.

Vantage POB is designed around the workflows of different types of users. Logistics users can plan personnel and freight movements. Check-in desk operators can perform identity checks and control flight schedules. Employers can maintain personnel information.

The system enables accurate recording of time spent offshore and rest periods, ensuring compliance with national and international legislation.