The oil and gas industry is going through a significant transformation, which will have a fundamental impact on the key industry players, the underlying business models, and on the entire supply chain ranging from energy generation and production, all the way through to distribution and customer interaction.

First, while the industry had recovered from a period of low oil prices in recent years, renewed fluctuation in oil and gas prices has emerged due to market pressures amid the pandemic crisis. Second, the energy transition is having a profound effect on the industry, accelerated by forces such as climate change, the plunging cost of renewable energies like wind and solar, and technology developments in areas such as batteries, storage and electric and autonomous vehicles. Third, substantial investments in digital transformation are facilitating the energy transition while optimizing the efficiency of the traditional business.

CGI brings unique capabilities and experience in upstream, midstream, downstream and renewables operations. In this brochure, we share a few real-world examples of our work with a major oil and gas client across these domains. It demonstrates a subset of our capabilities and track record of delivering value to the industry for more than 30 years with an end-to-end portfolio of consulting, systems integration and managed IT and business process services.

As many oil and gas companies look to reinvent their operations to adapt to a new reality, we leverage our unique local proximity model to drive deep understanding of their business needs, build strong relationships, and deliver our innovative business and IT services across the value chain.