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Protect your assets and revenue

An effective cybersecurity approach across the value chain and your equipment will protect all your operational assets and processing to sustain your market position.

At CGI, cybersecurity is part of everything we do: security controls are baked-in, not bolted on.

CGI Cybersecurity

CGI experts have vast knowledge and experience in applying transportation, processing, storage and distribution technologies to improve downstream operations. We support the entire midstream lifecycle:

  • Processing: We build, implement and support the infrastructures and applications required to operate and optimize operations for processing, refineries and chemical manufacturers.

  • Transport: We support all of the supply and distribution functions required to manage and enhance product delivery, as well as pipeline and transportation assets.

  • Safety: We deliver the solutions required to achieve operational safety in all areas, including industrial cybersecurity for your equipment and assets to secure your operational continuity to protect your revenue.

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We work across the entire value chain of oil and gas, from the well head to the end client, bringing continuous improvement and innovation to optimize your business. By focusing on your end-to-end needs, we help you advance to more customer-centric business models, operational excellence and digital transformation.