upstream E&P applications
supported for global oil and gas companies
of UK oil and gas offshore
personnel movements are  
tracked by CGI’s Vantage POB solution
upstream operators,  
managing 700+ joint ventures, are supported
via cloud services
Value delivered

Value delivered

  • Reduced exploration costs and time-to-first-oil
  • Optimized production using real-time production data
  • Streamlined, automated and integrated business processes
  • System and data integration, creating a single view of operations 
  • Increased flexibility and agility in responding to market changes
  • Greater compliance with EHS and security regulations
Key business areas

Key business areas

  • Capital projects and field development
  • Drilling and well management
  • Operations (e.g., asset and workforce management, accounting, reporting, etc.)
  • Reservoir and production management
  • Joint venture management

Optimizing the upstream back office

CGI’s Exploration2Revenue (X2R) Business Suite is an integrated portfolio of solutions and services designed for managing the upstream back office with greater agility, insight and cost efficiency. Modules include:

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Maximize assets, results and profits

Enabling regulatory compliance

CGI's oil and gas experts have in-depth knowledge of regulatory bodies, policies, requirements, processes and technologies and proven experience in transforming our clients’ compliance operations to drive efficiencies and cost savings while reducing risks. Embedded within every CGI oil and gas solution are robust regulatory compliance features for complete, timely and consistent compliance with new and evolving regulations. For example: