Streamlined information handling for joint ventures

CGI understands the joint venture life cycle and the role of collaboration in improving joint venture success. We apply innovative collaboration technologies, tools and processes to drive quick, pragmatic and business-oriented results in joint venture management for major oil and gas companies across the globe.

License2Share (L2S) is an enterprise content management (ECM) solution specifically created for joint venture management within the upstream and midstream oil and gas sectors. This cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution manages information flow in complex, administrative processes and provides a single, shared system for exploration and production (E&P) operators, partners, authorities and other key stakeholders.

The primary purposes of L2S are to streamline the processes connected to license administration and to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met. The entire lifecycle of a license is taken into account as the solution focuses on providing seamless information exchange, process-driven document management and protection of confidentiality. L2S is built for handling large amounts of critical information in a secure manner and supports the work processes used within each license.

The L2S dashboard allows information to be shared securely on a need-to-know basis. Roles (for committees, groups and individual users) and authorization levels are easy to set up and manage, and shared content is organized in a way that makes reporting fast and efficient. When reports need to be run, data from multiple sources (e.g., exploration and production) can be accessed, aligned, transformed and shared with all authorized parties, including authorities.

Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced collaboration on workflows, events, compliance, document sharing and data management
  • Increased data integrity, visibility, access and security
  • Greater information process efficiencies
  • Content management of different document types throughout their life cycle
  • Better governance and flexibility for regulatory compliance
  • Easy-to-use, consistent interfaces across multiple ventures and partners

License2Share was developed in collaboration with the Exploration & Production Information Management Association (EPIM) and OpenText. 

L2S at a glance

  • 40-60% cost savings compared to other solutions

  • Used by 100+ organizations (operators, partners and authorities)

  • Unlimited storage

  • User friendly (minimal training required)

  • Easy search for finding documents

  • API for seamless integration with other software