End-to-end upstream commercial management

The need for effective commercial management has never been greater as upstream companies focus on keeping up with demand, competing for reserves, boosting productivity, reducing costs, complying with regulation, and meeting many other challenges. Integrating operations, systems, processes, data and people is critical to better managing the commercial side of the upstream business. This level of enterprise integration drives efficiencies, cost savings and productivity gains that enable upstream businesses to increase their competitiveness and profits.

CGI’s PRODIS is a comprehensive suite of commercial management solutions that covers the entire oil and gas supply chain—from production and importation, to transportation and storage, to distribution and sale. The upstream component of PRODIS manages all of the facilities and commercial activities involved in upstream production, providing an end-to-end solution for leading upstream producers.

PRODIS features

PRODIS effectively integrates, enhances, and manages mission-critical upstream commercial functions while providing clear audit trails for regulatory compliance and reporting. The upstream features of PRODIS cover the following functions:

  • Production, pipeline and terminal operations
  • All contract types
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Hydrocarbon accounting
  • Well tests and reservoir zones
  • Planned maintenance and curtailments
  • Startup, imports, exports and injection
  • Flaring, venting, fuel and unaccounted-for gas
  • Overboard and off-spec water
  • Chemicals and consumables
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Reconciliation and deferment
  • Measurements and corrections
  • Regulatory requirements

PRODIS benefits

Upstream producers relying on PRODIS benefit from the following competitive advantages:

  • An end-to-end system for the cost of a product
  • Standard, reusable core functionality that minimizes cost
  • Customized functionality to deliver exactly what’s needed
  • Highly scalable to support future business growth
  • Better integration of operations
  • 24/7 access to accurate, timely information
  • Flexible and adaptable spreadsheets
  • Safe data storage (you configure who sees what)
  • Better compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements
  • Automatic audit trails
  • Full life cycle support
  • Holistic view of entire production business