Share in our success

Today, 85% of us are company owners, demonstrating our deep commitment to the success of our clients and our commitment to one another. We benefit from the rewards of our success through various ownership programs. 

Share Purchase Plan (SPP)

Our SPP enables you to purchase CGI shares every month. We will match your contributions up to a maximum of 3.5% of your base salary.

Profit Participation Plan 

You’ll participate in the rewards that come from our growth. This plan distributes a portion of our profits based on the achievement of our financial objectives, as well as individual performance.

Be part of our strategy

We believe in building strong relationships with CGI Partners through listening and transparent communication, based on mutual respect.  Three programs designed to help us do just that include: 

Voice of Our Members 

Every year, we’re invited to participate in a CGI-wide consultation to provide feedback on CGI’s strategic direction. We are consulted on topics, such as our service delivery to clients, growth strategy, culture, and work environment. Our voice helps inform our company’s strategic plan and makes a difference in shaping life at CGI. Example initiatives enabled by this program include our evolved global learning program, a robust internal case study library, and internal tools to facilitate job rotation opportunities.

Member Satisfaction Assessment Program

Our Member Satisfaction Program allows our Partners the opportunity to discuss their satisfaction with working at CGI. The Program includes a consultation with management, an anonymous survey, and local Partner-led forums, who take the results from the surveys and create actionable plans to improve employee experience. 

Annual Tour

This is a company-wide event that kicks off the new fiscal year. It’s a unique opportunity to meet with our colleagues to discuss results, celebrate our successes, learn more about our business plans for the coming year, and engage in Q&A with our senior leaders.

Female CGI Partner in kitchen


Be part of our distinctive culture

Our unique culture of ownership ensures we work together and enjoy the rewards of our collective success. Collaborative, transparent, friendly, and flexible, we foster an environment where you are empowered to build your skills, share your insights, and fulfil your potential.

We share a common Mission, Vision, and Dream, underpinned by core Values that guide everything we do. They give us a framework to ensure we are serving all our stakeholders and the motivation to deliver our very best every day.

Our dream

To create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners, contribute to building a company we can be proud of.






Our vision

To be a world-class IT and business process services leader, helping our clients succeed.






Our mission

To help our clients succeed through outstanding quality, competence and objectivity, providing thought-leadership and delivering the best services and solutions to fully satisfy client objectives in IT, business processes, and management. In all we do, we are guided by our Dream, and living by our Values to foster trusted relationships and meet our commitments now and in the future.

CGI’s six core values define our business philosophy and principles. They’re more than just values; they’re a way of life. Our values guide our daily decisions and interactions, helping to ensure we serve our stakeholders—clients, members and shareholders—with excellence while building trust, confidence and long-term partnerships

Partnership and quality

For us, partnership and quality are both a philosophy and a way of life. We constantly deepen our understanding of our clients' business and we develop and follow the best management practices. We entrench these approaches into client relationships and service delivery frameworks in order to foster long-term and strong partnerships with our clients. We listen to our clients and we are committed to their total satisfaction in everything we do.

Objectivity and integrity

We exercise the highest degree of independent thinking in selecting the products, services and solutions we recommend to our clients. In doing so, we adhere to the highest degree of quality, objectivity and integrity. We do not accept any remuneration from suppliers. We always act honestly and ethically. We never seek to gain undue advantages and we avoid conflicts of interest, whether real or perceived.

Intrapreneurship and sharing

Our collective success is based on our competence, commitment and enthusiasm. We promote a culture of innovation and initiative where we are empowered with a sense of ownership in supporting clients, thus ensuring our profitable growth. Through teamwork, sharing our know-how and expertise across our global operations, we bring the best of CGI to our clients. As members, we share in the value we create through equity ownership and profit participation.


In all we do, we are respectful of our fellow members, clients, business partners and competitors. As a global company, we recognise the richness that diversity brings to the company and welcome this diversity while embracing the overall CGI business culture.

Financial strength

We strive to deliver strong, consistent financial performance which sustains long-term growth and benefits both members and shareholders. Financial strength enables us to continuously invest in our members' professional development, our services and our business solutions to the benefit of our clients. To this end, we manage our business to generate industry superior returns.

Corporate social responsibility

Our business model is designed to ensure that we are close to our clients and communities. As members, we embrace our responsibilities to contribute to the continuous improvement of the economic, social and environmental well-being of the communities in which we live and work.

Join a company based on ownership, teamwork, respect, and belonging

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