Intelligent automation is CGI’s concept and framework for bringing emerging technologies such as robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), advanced analytics and AI to bear and to transform the way organizations do business, create and deliver services, interact with customers and citizens, and enable employees to work on higher value activities.

Intelligent automation can include relatively simple automations leveraging RPA, conversational AI solutions like chatbots or IoT-based industrial automations, as well as AI-powered cognitive virtual agents or augmented reality.

CGI helps clients improve the customer experience and operational efficiency through smart deployment of intelligent automation services.

Intelligent decision and support system to control flood barrier

Rijkswaterstaat is part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. It is responsible for public works and water management, including the construction and maintenance of waterways and roads and, importantly, flood protection and prevention. CGI accepted the challenge to build a system to control the Maeslant and Hartel flood barriers. The decision and support system decides whether to close the barriers in a storm based on weather readings from nearby weather stations and buoys. Fully autonomous and uninfluenced by most conditions, the Maeslant barrier is sometimes referred to as the largest robot in the world.

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How we support your journey to advance intelligent automation across your enterprise

  • IA strategy & assessment work - Define the IA ambition through structured workshops, process assessments, IA roadmap, technology vendor ecosystem
  • IA sprint - Select one to three IA use cases or processes; develop and test automations; run them in controlled pre-production; and prove the value and business case
  • IA production & scale - Establish an agile design factory using templates and pattern libraries; manage process and use case backlog; prioritize use cases, build and test/release bots; build and integrate production architecture and infrastructure
  • IA change management - Complement the Scale Factory; in parallel, develop change management plans; update HR policies, develop new roles and responsibilities, job descriptions, establish training; develop IA Center of Excellence model; manage transitions
  • IA managed service - Manage bot control room; provide bot maintenance, support and optimization; optimize license usage; manage KPIs; leverage lean process reengineering; leverage bots as a service model

CGI's Intelligent Automation Framework

CGI helps clients identify and apply the right automation technologies to advance their digital agenda—from RPA to algorithmic automation to AI.

Basic Automation
  • Human triggered

  • Simple rules based

  • Single system

  • Screen scraping, Scripts, Macros, Workflows

Robotic Process Automation
  • Human or system-triggered

  • Rules based, high-volume processes (business & IT)

  • Front, middle, back office

  • Structured data

  • Multiple system (swivel-chair operators)

  • Enterprise-level

Enhanced Process Automation
  • Supported by basic analytics / decision support

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Intelligent document processing

  • Structured and unstructured data

  • Simple web chatbot integration (e.g. FAQ)

Algorithmic Automation
  • Complex processes and decisions

  • Supported by predictive / prescriptive analytics

  • Machine learning, narrow intelligence, basic reasoning

  • Unstructured & big data

  • IoT integration

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP), chatbots

Artificial Intelligence
  • Cognitive technology capable of emulating human capability including empathy

  • Full end-to-end autonomy, hypothesizing, reasoning

  • Deep learning, deep neural networks

  • Full speech recognition and generation

  • Fully capable virtual agents, omni-channel

  • Augmented & virtual reality