CGI and PSPL implement Smart Manufacturing Infrastructure with Sitech at Chemelot site in NL. Collaborative innovation accelerating journey towards Industry 4. 0
Manufacturers are in the midst of a revolution―a fundamental shift in the way they think about operating, competing and delivering value. The days of chasing kaizen improvements―small continuous and incremental changes to stable and established processes―are giving way to the ...


89% of CGI’s manufacturing clients interviewed cite  digitalization for data integration extending beyond the organization as a top industry trend
The Internet of Things: Driving efficiency, agility and digital transformation in manufacturing
The Internet of Things (IoT) is the “connector of the future”. By linking systems, devices, sensors, assets and people, it enables manufacturing organizations to become more service oriented, provide real-time monitoring and remote service, improve asset utilization and much more.




85% of CGI’s manufacturing clients interviewed plan to invest in data and predictive analytics over the next 3 years