Manufacturing execution systems

Better processes, information flow and decision making

CGI's belief in the power and potential of manufacturing execution systems (MES) is based on our extensive experience in the field. A leading provider of manufacturing IT services, including manufacturing systems development and integration, we offer specialized MES expertise and a comprehensive suite of MES solutions.

What we offer

A manufacturing plant is a complex and fast-paced place. Running a super-efficient plant is the ultimate goal of every manufacturer. To maximize efficiencies, you need to be able to have information about what's happening in every part of the plant. That way you can make better, faster decisions.

CGI delivers specialized manufacturing execution systems that enable you to see and control what's going on within your plan more effectively and easily. These systems help you manage every aspect of production—from planning jobs to controlling production lines to managing raw materials to quality control.

We design, build and rollout MES solutions based on your unique industry, technology and business needs, using leading technologies like AspenTech, Camstar, OSIsoft, Parsec, SAP, Siemens, Wonderware and more.

With CGI's MES capabilities, manufacturers gain the following:

  • Faster identification and implementation of changes to the production process based on evolving market, customer and other business needs.
  • Optimal use of all plant assets
  • Reduced manufacturing time and costs
  • Greater, faster return on investment
  • Increased profitability
  • Improved visibility and transparency

Our MES Center of Excellence

Through our MES Center of Excellence, we continue to maintain and grow our international expertise. We partner with leading MES and ERP suppliers, and our experience in wireless business solutions brings additional strengths for those seeking to take advantage of emerging technologies.

We take an active role in the MES community, working closely, for example, with the Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA), which is dedicated to promoting and sharing manufacturing excellence and best practices.

CGI's annual MES Product Survey

For the past 17 years, CGI has published an annual MES Product Survey, an invaluable guide for evaluating MES solutions. Clients and business partners rely on the survey for detailed product overviews and insights into MES trends. With more MES solutions available today than ever before, the report helps companies shortlist and select the right solutions from among the multitude of MES suppliers.

Our 2016 MES Product Survey, released in September 2016, provides extensive and detailed information about 74 MES products. The vendors told us about their services, products, technologies, quality efforts and key focus areas. Notably, this is the highest response rate since the survey was instituted 17 years ago.

Learn more about our 2016 MES Product Survey and how to order a copy.