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To help Uddeholm, a leading steel producer, we developed a powerful machine learning-based solution that helps to identify production errors, refine processes and improve profitability.

Forestry England and CGI partnered to develop a new modern application platform called eTimber by adopting an agile development approach, running in parallel with support of the existing system over the contract duration.

Working with ISKU for the past 17 years, CGI was among the bidders for the company’s new infrastructure services contract. CGI had been delivering a range of services to ISKU, including enterprise resource planning systems, infrastructure services, robotic process automation...

To support the reopening of economies and society, governments in many countries gradually are lifting restrictions imposed during the first phase of the pandemic crisis. As business owners prepare to restart or launch operations, they must navigate a new “business...

CGI’s technical expertise supports the complete manufacturing process of UK’s most iconic specialist tea producer, Twinings.