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“Supply chain ecosystems – networks of suppliers, plants and transport firms – are the future for those seeking resilience,” comments Helena Jochberger, Global Lead for Manufacturing at CGI, in the November 2022 issue of Supply Chain Magazine. Helena asserts that...

Increasingly, manufacturers are exploring the benefits of analytics to support data-driven manufacturing. This article summarizes a panel discussion on how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can transform manufacturing.

Industry 5.0 objectives are ushering in a new era for sustainable and human-centric manufacturing. We help manufacturers worldwide become truly data-driven organizations to move toward a green and sustainable future—with transparency, accuracy and purpose.

Creating sustainable manufacturing operations hinges on an effective energy. This article provides key highlights on how the energy transition is driving change in manufacturing.

A digital factory also called the “factory of the future,” is central to manufacturers’ digital transformation journey. It offers numerous benefits; however, transforming the factory floor and operating holistically is not without its challenges. In a keynote at the Power...

CGI will develop, manage and modernize the core manufacturing applications for multinational chemical manufacturer SABIC over the next three years.

Manufacturing is at a turning point. This article provides key highlights from the opening plenary session of the Power of Unified Manufacturing event.

CGI and Persefoni have teamed up to provide business and government clients with climate management and accounting technology, integrated data management, and consulting services to help with the fight against the global climate crisis.

As part of the Unified Manufacturing roundtable series, CGI experts discuss some of the key topics facing manufacturing leaders today. In this particular roundtable interview, we explore the topic of digital factories, which is at the center of digital transformation...