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CGI's scaled agile consulting expertise enables a global tier-1 automotive supplier to reduce product development lead time, improve production consistency and efficiency, and cut costs.

To implement ESG requirements and accrue the benefits of full supply chain visibility, manufacturers require mature knowledge of ESG regulation, supply chain expertise and digital capabilities to extract and combine the relevant data from internal and external systems and source

CGI’s Fokke van Houten, Director, Consulting Expert in Asset Performance Management & Maintenance, discusses the intersection of people, technology and manufacturing and the future of the manufacturing workplace.

Helena Jochberger, Vice-President and Global Industry Lead for Manufacturing shares how the Voice of Our Clients (VOC) program enables in-depth, personalized conversations with clients to understand the macro trends impacting their organizations and the industry challenges ahead.

Circular economies have become central to discussions about addressing climate change and building a sustainable future in manufacturing. This article summarizes a recent panel discussion during the Power of Unified Manufacturing event on the concept of circular economies and the...

“Supply chain ecosystems – networks of suppliers, plants and transport firms – are the future for those seeking resilience,” comments Helena Jochberger, Global Lead for Manufacturing at CGI, in the November 2022 issue of Supply Chain Magazine. Helena asserts that...

Increasingly, manufacturers are exploring the benefits of analytics to support data-driven manufacturing. This article summarizes a panel discussion on how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can transform manufacturing.

Industry 5.0 objectives are ushering in a new era for sustainable and human-centric manufacturing. We help manufacturers worldwide become truly data-driven organizations to move toward a green and sustainable future—with transparency, accuracy and purpose.

Creating sustainable manufacturing operations hinges on an effective energy. This article provides key highlights on how the energy transition is driving change in manufacturing.