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Data-Driven Manufacturing is our unique 4-step approach that aligns business objectives with data strategies and solutions to transform data into actionable insight.

The 2022 CGI MES Product Survey provides in-depth product overviews and insights into the latest global trends and developments in the MES market. It also details the key business and IT criteria to accelerate your MES product evaluation while maximizing...

Our Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) maturity model and assessment provides clients with a clear understanding of their current “digital” maturity. Comparing their digital maturity level against CGI’s MOM framework provides clear and tangible focus areas to realize their MOM vision.

A digital factory is an intelligent, digitally connected, plant that interfaces with its entire ecosystem to optimize and enhance operations.

CGI’s Manufacturing Atlas offers a proven and integrated step-by-step approach to improve efficiency, reduce costs and gain the competitive advantages of Industry 4.0.

CGI’s vision for unifying people, processes, machines and technology in manufacturing

For over four decades, we have helped leading manufacturers navigate and seize the opportunities of change. We serve as a mindful visionary, helping you connect the dots from end-to-end and pursue strategic technology investments that enable you to innovate and...

With deep industry and technology expertise, our consultants work with you to improve business agility so you can drive efficiencies and reduce costs as you continue to advance your strategic goa

Connected assets are revolutionizing service expectations in manufacturing. Manufacturers who invest today in ready-built, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT)-capable service platforms can accelerate their time to market for next-level customer service experiences. Digital solutions are transforming manufacturing Optimizing and...