A digital factory is an intelligent, digitally connected, plant that interfaces with its entire ecosystem to optimize and enhance operations. It is a factory that realizes Industry 4.0 objectives, while striving for true sustainability and human-centricity. Designed with business objectives top of mind, a digital factory delivers concrete outcomes and unlocks tangible benefits across the shop floor. This includes:

  • Building resilience
  • Becoming more agile
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Decreasing expenditure
  • Embracing sustainability
  • Harmonizing human-machine interaction
  • Enabling hyper-personalization
  • Increasing speed

Realizing the factory of the future

A digital factory offers numerous benefits. However, transforming the factory floor and operating in a holistic manner is not without its challenges. Many manufacturers seek clarity when it comes to next steps and support to transform the latest innovations and ”buzz” words into real-life practical actions. Moreover, organizational challenges such as a boardroom-shop floor disconnect, aging workforces and legacy systems continue to hinder progress. And while advancements in technology continue, the right assets or access to the right expertise is often missing.

At CGI, we help you implement a digital factory using our Unified Manufacturing approach. Our professionals and consultants work with you to realize the factory of the future so you can meet your business growth and efficiency targets, while advancing sustainable manufacturing, hyper-personalization, agile production and continuous innovation.