Realizing the factory of the future

A digital factory is an intelligent, digitally connected plant that interfaces with its entire ecosystem to optimize and enhance operations. It is a factory that realizes Industry 4.0 objectives, while striving for true sustainability and human-centricity. Designed with business objectives top of mind, a digital factory delivers concrete outcomes and unlocks tangible benefits across the shop floor.

Key features of a digital factory

  • Enables manufacturers to realize their strategic vision and business goals

  • Interfaces with the worker and wider ecosystem

  • Applies and integrates the latest in advanced technology to optimize and enhance operations

  • Prepares for Industry 5.0

digital manufacturing

CGI’s Unified Manufacturing approach to the digital factory

A digital factory offers numerous benefits. However, transforming the factory floor and operating in a unified and holistic manner requires clarity when it comes to next steps and support in transforming the latest innovations and buzzwords into real-life practical actions.

CGI’s Unified Manufacturing approach offers a practical guide to implementing a digital factory based on five core building blocks:


Leveraging wireless sensory technology to connect machines, devices, systems and humans

Digital and paperless 

Digitizing processes and integrating them with your MES and ERP system to increase efficiency, improve throughput and quality


Unlocking the value of data to enable monitoring, simulations and predictions for insight-led decision-making

IT/OT security

Assessing the risk of your IT/OT environment to implement the right security measures and prevent attacks before they happen

Factory cloud

Hosting OT from the cloud to benefit from a global ecosystem that connects plants, people and partners across your entire value chain.

Download the brochure

Download the brochure

Download the brochure

Download Manufacturing Atlas brochure

Download Manufacturing Atlas brochure

We help you take the first step

Successfully transforming into a digital factory requires focusing on four core areas: processes, people and organization, data and information, and technology. It also requires gaining buy-in across the organization for technology initiatives and the right data to harmonize processes. CGI’s Manufacturing Atlas is a holistic methodology and digital framework that addresses each of these four core areas to support your transformation in an agile manner—from completing an initial feasibility study and making an investment decision to rolling out solutions and delivering ongoing improvements.

Download Manufacturing Atlas brochure