A manufacturing plant is a complex and fast-paced environment, and running a super-efficient plant is the ultimate goal of every manufacturer.

To optimize performance, you need to know what’s happening in every part of the plant and across your supply chains so that the right people and systems can access the right information to make the best possible decisions faster.

Smart technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, smart wireless sensors, automation and cloud can now be smoothly and securely integrated with existing process controls, manufacturing operations and resource planning systems to provide data continuity across traditional silos and throughout the ecosystem. In addition, innovations in digital twins and augmented reality offer new ways to optimize maintenance, reduce costs and improve products.

Manufacturers that implement these technologies can accelerate digitization across the value chain to become agile, customer-centric organizations through efficient internal and external collaboration facilitated by data. In doing so, they can create new revenue streams and reduce costs while positioning themselves as market innovators.

CGI’s Manufacturing Atlas is the first step in this transformation journey. Its proven framework enables deep digital connection, integration of IT and OT, and the application of proven business methodologies to help manufacturers successfully transform their businesses while minimizing business risks.

Key features of Manufacturing Atlas

  • Systematically incorporates best practices through our MOM maturity model 
  • Brings clarity to priorities, strategy, risks and challenges 
  • Takes the complete business into account, not just IT 
  • Flexibility to scale to any scope or pace 
  • Transforms manufacturing environments using a holistic methodology and framework
  • Provides a comprehensive assessment of the current landscape
  • Delivers a structured approach to move from strategy to roadmap and detailed design
  • Supports regulatory operations and ensures compliance