Embrace the future of manufacturing

With the increasing adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies, and the introduction of Industry 5.0 ambitions, the manufacturing industry is at a turning point. Forward-looking manufacturers are seeking ways to unify people and machines, IT and OT, and their organization with their wider ecosystem to embrace the future of manufacturing.

Strategies must continue to focus on sustained growth, cost reductions and operational excellence. At the same time, the new Industry 5.0 goals of human-awareness and sustainability require a complete rewrite of the rule book and a deeper understanding of your production and business processes across the factory as well as your digital and physical supply chains. Success hinges on operating with a common commitment across business, operations and IT departments.

Machines technology


Build resilience

Improve business continuity and speed of response to disruptions


Embrace sustainability

Lead with sustainability objectives to create value for customers

Become more agile

Respond faster to change while operating in the best possible way

Harmonize human-machine interaction

Leverage responsible AI for harmonious human-machine relations and worker well-being 

Increase efficiency

Fine-tune production, maintenance and supply chain performance

Enable hyper-personalization

Develop a clear view of each unique customer’s needs to offer personalized products

By embracing the transformative power of technology, we believe manufacturers can holistically integrate their plants, value chains and their wider ecosystem to become more adaptive and responsive to stakeholder demands. Through deep digital connection, integration of IT and OT, and the application of proven business methodologies, Unified Manufacturing helps manufacturers realize their strategic vision and achieve an insights-led digital continuum.

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Digital factory

Transforming into a digital factory is central to embracing the future of manufacturing. We help you implement an intelligent digitally connected plant to meet your business growth and efficiency targets, while advancing sustainable manufacturing, hyper-personalization, agile production and continuous innovation.

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Manufacturing Atlas

Effectively optimizing and transforming your manufacturing operations, supply chain and supporting information systems requires well-thought-out modifications and effective implementation. Manufacturing Atlas provides a proven, integrated approach to maximize any value addition successfully while minimizing business risks.

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OT security

As manufacturing operations become increasingly digitally connected, the risk of cyber threats has increased. We share a methodology for assessing and securing your OT environment and actions that your executives, plant managers and operations staff can take to effectively prepare for and address the growing complexity and speed of cybersecurity risks within digital factories.

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