Leverage and share your expertise with the touch of a finger

CGI MaEVA is a video-assisted remote collaboration platform that helps companies across industries, including utilities, manufacturing and oil and gas to resolve operational issues/incidents and improve teamwork.

Boasting a multitude of collaborative and digital tools, CGI MaEVA increases the availability and responsiveness of your teams on a daily basis with a high level of security. The solution uses augmented reality (AR) to share instructions, facilitating clear communication between geographically distributed teams. The platform is accessible from any terminal and simple to use, enabling you to master it quickly and effectively.

CGI MaEVA helps you to achieve the following benefits:

  • Streamline inspection and maintenance operations in the field
  • Facilitate management of operations in a crisis situation
  • Strengthen customer relations on a daily basis
  • Build remote collaboration between your teams
  • Digitalize training sessions and enhance your teams' skills

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