Manufacturing Atlas

Manufacturing Atlas

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Manufacturers that lead in operations and supply chain optimization outperform the competition and deliver higher shareholder returns. These leaders apply Value Stream Mapping, Lean, Kanban, TOC, Six Sigma and TPM as accepted manufacturing methods to improve manufacturing operations and supply chain performance—methods that focus on optimizing the flow of materials and the availability of assets.

Surprisingly, related information streams are frequently left untouched. This is remarkable given the fact that optimizing performance necessitates that the right people get the right information at the right moment. In other words, it's critical to provide the right information and insight for the best possible decisions to be made and performance levels to be improved.

 Part of CGI's comprehensive manufacturing IT services, Manufacturing Atlas is an approach that takes into account the entire manufacturing and supply chain lifecycle, including the optimization of processes, materials, assets and information.

The value we deliver

Manufacturing Atlas supports all four steps in the change cycle:

Vision: Build your vision, discover your improvement potential, and assess the feasibility of investing in manufacturing and supply chain operations management systems

Shape: Develop a blueprint of the future architecture and a solid investment case

Change: Successfully implement and ensure adoption by your staff

Deliver: Continuously optimize and evolve