The natural resources sector, particularly the metals and mining industry, is recovering from an intensely challenging period. Supply chain disruptions, drop in commodity prices, production slowdowns, and a focus on continuing operations while keeping workers safe during the pandemic have ushered in a “new normal” for the industry.

As organizations navigate this period of change, cost reduction, operational efficiency and becoming a digital organization remain top priorities. At the same time, meeting community and investor expectations and driving improvements in environmental, social and governance standards bring their own challenges.

Pivoting to growth

With a change in working conditions unlike anything seen for centuries, metals and mining companies find themselves empowered by new tools and new opportunities for collaboration. Continuous innovation and co-creation go beyond any single department or function, becoming organization-wide in scope and integrated into an organic whole. Innovation has become a strategic differentiator sought by investors. Moreover, metals and mining companies need to become agile to meet the opportunities and challenges presented by the demands of the green economy.

Seizing opportunities to co-create the future

For over four decades, we have helped leading manufacturers navigate and seize the opportunities of change. We have over 6,000 manufacturing experts, including 2800 supply chain experts assisting global clients in driving profitable growth.

We support over 600 manufacturing clients worldwide across multiple industries, including automotive, chemical, high-tech, metals and mining, and natural resources with our deep domain expertise and technical know-how.

This extensive experience enables us to help our metals and mining clients meet the challenges of the future by building an agile organization, underpinned by a resilient technology value chain. We provide end-to-end solutions for clients from raw material producers, to manufacturers, to end provisioners. As industry lines blur, we also bring forward lessons learned and innovative solutions from our work across industries.

We serve as a mindful visionary, helping you connect the dots from end-to-end and pursue strategic technology investments that enable you to innovate and realize value continually. From generating ideas and building strategies to managing agile at scale, we collaborate with you at every step of your digital transformation journey.