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Helena Jochberger
Helena Jochberger

What does 2023 hold for manufacturers?

March 6, 2023 Instead of simply pruning assets, forward-looking manufacturers are looking to advance digital transformation and use technology to improve efficiency, innovation and agility for more holistic revenue growth.

Helena Jochberger
Helena Jochberger

4 steps to become a data-driven manufacturer

February 2, 2023 Today, manufacturers want to transform the way they operate to sustain growth, reduce costs, improve product quality and achieve operational excellence—all in a manner that supports their sustainability goals and transition to net zero. But achieving this is grounded in...

CGI announced today it is strengthening its long-standing global partnership with SAP by adding RISE with SAP to its portfolio of services in Canada, which already includes S/4HANA®. The RISE with SAP certification enables CGI to accelerate clients’ transitions to...

As manufacturers become data-driven, they can benefit from harnessing data to build win-win ecosystems to deliver value-added services and generate new revenue streams. But where should they start?

Circular economies have become central to discussions about addressing climate change and building a sustainable future in manufacturing. This article summarizes a recent panel discussion during the Power of Unified Manufacturing event on the concept of circular economies and the...

Supply chain resiliency has once again become a major focus for manufacturers as they navigate an unstable geopolitical environment and face increasing pressure to demonstrate sustainable sourcing practices.

In this interview with Business Reporter, Helena Jochberger, Global Lead for Manufacturing at CGI, talks about how manufacturing has reached an inflection point, where manufacturers can meet today’s sustainability and supply chain challenges by holistically transforming their technology stack, processes...