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One of the top five automotive manufacturers in the world is turning to a robust, enterprise-wide robotic process automation (RPA) initiative to help achieve these measures. It selected CGI as one of its partners to tackle an ambitious target of...

Pia Rawlins
Pia Rawlins

How enterprise data management helps manufacturers transform data into a competitive advantage

March 29, 2024 Manufacturing generates enormous amounts of data and, as the industry becomes more connected, data volumes are only set to grow. Making sense of all this data to support data-driven decisions remains a complex challenge for several reasons.

Helena Jochberger
Helena Jochberger

Integrating Aristotelian virtues to guide the responsible use of AI in manufacturing

March 25, 2024 As we stand at the crossroads of innovation and progress in the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the wisdom of ancient Greek philosophers resonates with profound relevance, especially for an individual of Greek heritage like me. In particular, there is a...

What does the future hold for manufacturers? In the recent Manufacturing Digital LIVE virtual event that took place in December 2023, Helena Jochberger shared CGI’s perspective on the future of manufacturing, discussing the following:

Alexander lepp
Alexander Lepp

Adapting and advancing innovation in manufacturing with AI

February 1, 2024 Manufacturers today perform a delicate balancing act. As they deal with rapid changes in markets, fluctuating raw material and production costs and a shortage of skilled workers, they must also address regulatory pressures and rapidly evolving customer demand and requirements...

CGI and Körber announce global partnership to enable pharmaceutical and life sciences clients to improve production operations

Helena Jochberger
Helena Jochberger

Getting back to basics: How manufacturers can navigate a “perfect storm” of challenges

January 10, 2024 In this blog, I share key insights from the 2023 Voice of Our Clients (VOC) research gathered from one-on-one conversations with 173 manufacturing executives across sectors, including what digital leaders are doing differently to accelerate results.