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Alexander lepp
Alexander Lepp

Adapting and advancing innovation in manufacturing with AI

February 1, 2024 Manufacturers today perform a delicate balancing act. As they deal with rapid changes in markets, fluctuating raw material and production costs and a shortage of skilled workers, they must also address regulatory pressures and rapidly evolving customer demand and requirements...

CGI and Körber announce global partnership to enable pharmaceutical and life sciences clients to improve production operations

Helena Jochberger
Helena Jochberger

Getting back to basics: How manufacturers can navigate a “perfect storm” of challenges

January 10, 2024 In this blog, I share key insights from the 2023 Voice of Our Clients (VOC) research gathered from one-on-one conversations with 173 manufacturing executives across sectors, including what digital leaders are doing differently to accelerate results.

Pierre Friot
Pierre Friot

Data underpins a future services-based automotive market

November 8, 2023 Automotive manufacturers no longer simply manufacture vehicles. As mobility trends and technologies advance—think of connected cars, autonomous driving and car sharing—automotive manufacturers are rethinking their business models to deliver greater customer value. At the core of this change is transforming...

Bob O’Neil
Bob O’Neil

Clean data and why your organization’s health depends on it

October 18, 2023 Data is the lifeblood of any organization. It informs everything from business strategy to day-to-day operations. But, like water, data can become contaminated and unfit for use. As organizations increasingly rely on big data and intelligent automation to become data-driven...

The Data Act is a landmark European legislative proposal that aims to unlock the potential of “industrial data” to foster competition and innovation. The goal is to make using, reusing and sharing data from connected devices and products easier, while...

CGI announces the acquisition of Momentum Consulting Corp., a Miami-based IT and business consulting firm specializing in digital transformation, data analytics and managed services.