CGI’s Insights to Action Report presents the global insights and perspectives we gain from listening to our clients, and showcases the innovative work we are doing to support them in becoming digital enterprises.
Cybersecurity & Data Privacy – 2018 CGI Client Global Insights

1,700 + cybersecurity experts providing in-depth knowledge and best practices


8 Security Operations Centers  globally
72% of CGI’s manufacturing  clients interviewed cite cybersecurity  as a top industry trend.

Cybersecurity across the value chain

Most manufacturers are now firmly in the digital experimentation phase, and cybersecurity is becoming an integral part of their business strategy and a growing priority. This includes:

  • Securing operational technology (OT) in the plant

  • Ensuring data and customer information is protected

  • Securing direct-to-new customer channels and interacting securely over social channels

cybersecurity transformation change