As manufacturers seek to become more customer-centric, a digitally integrated and intelligent value chain offers almost limitless possibilities. In addition, implementing smart factories provides numerous benefits including improving operations efficiency, productivity, product quality, inventory management, asset utilization, time to market, agility, workplace safety and environmental sustainability. In fact, the 2020 CGI Client Global Insights reveal that digitization, data integration and analytics are the key focus areas for the manufacturing executives interviewed.

However, implementing a smart industry-graded infrastructure integrated with a competitive environment to securely collect and distribute data foundational to smart factories remains a challenge. Moreover, tracking people and valuable assets over a large industrial environment comprising of a diverse set of networks across multiple facilities is an even bigger challenge.

The complexity and investments required for the setup and implementation of such an infrastructure is still preventing many organizations from achieving this milestone in their digital transformation journey. In addition, today, no single vendor can deliver all the capabilities needed, as these are based on multiple technologies and devices that run on different networks.

CGI has been working in close collaboration with partners to collectively demonstrate how these barriers can be overcome. CGI is providing the Smart Manufacturing Infrastructure Services to seamlessly and securely connect operational and information technology (OT/IT) systems, leveraging our strong digitization, innovation and service integration experience and capabilities.

Interested in the latest innovations in this domain? Are you looking to harvest data from the across the shop floor to optimize assets, operations and production? Please contact CGI to discuss potential with one of our industry experts and get inspired by the possibilities and value we can co-create from where you are today.