CGI's Merlot Medi is a real-time system for emergency medical care. It enables fast information sharing between hospitals and personnel at the scene of an accident, as well as more efficient emergency interventions. It was developed with direct input from medical care professionals to create a management and reporting system tailored specifically to their needs.

Drawing upon the latest information systems, communication technologies and network protocols, most commonly 3G and TETRA, Merlot Medi offers a vital operative link in emergency medical care. This scalable system can support the smallest incident up to a large public emergency, by directing vital information and channelling resources where they are needed most.

All information related to an alarm situation is quickly transferred to the most suitable emergency unit in the vicinity, detailing the target name, address, a risk assessment, information on the units handling the alert and any other information that may assist the medical response. The system simultaneously registers alarm details and any change in status. Additional features include:

  • Emergency medical care reporting. The system’s emergency medical care reporting application makes it possible to query a patient’s medical history from any in-house operations database or from hospital databases. Meanwhile, units at the scene of an emergency can make a first assessment medical report accessible to other units in the field, and to the control station, in real time.
  • Remote support on site. Using Merlot Medi, the consulting physician can convey written instructions directly to paramedic crews guiding treatment via web browsing supported mobile phones. Written instructions not only minimise human error by reducing ambiguity but also improve the legal protection of all involved in the medical intervention.
  • Handling major emergencies. In a major accident, Merlot Medi supports efficient triage by directing patients to the most suitable hospital for their particular needs. It also allows all relevant hospitals to monitor the progress of paramedic teams in real time.
  • Post-processing medical information. Merlot Medi has its own databases for storing statistics and reporting. These can be easily accessed for the creation of more detailed statistical analysis and reports.

In summary, Merlot Medi closes the information gap between physicians and paramedic crews, puts doctors remotely “on site” with real-time information, and creates a valuable database for later review and analysis.