Boost distribution network reliability with MILES

CGI’s Intelligent Maintenance of Electric Lines (MILES) is an advanced analytics solution, developed in collaboration with Hydro Quebec, in Canada, for improving the reliability of the electricity distribution network. MILES uses an innovative combination of sensors, voltage drop fault location algorithms and cloud computing capabilities to identify the likely cause and the precise location of both permanent and transient faults, enabling the causes to be rectified and network reliability improved.

Transient faults represent up to 70 per cent of distribution system faults and often deteriorate into repetitive, unresolved outages. By identifying the location of the fault, network companies can get to the issue, restore power to their customers faster and resolve the underlying issue, thereby reducing customer minutes lost and improving service. This, in turn, boosts staff productivity and drives down costs because equipment can be replaced in a much more efficient, planned way.

MILES can boost distribution network reliability alongside CGI’s Integrated Network Model component of CGI OpenGrid360 Foundation, which provides data to support advanced analytics designed to generate new insights, recognise patterns and help operators reduce and mitigate unplanned outages, supply interruptions and wider disruptions by predicting events and outcomes.

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