We believe in patient-centric care and connecting the systems that provide the circle of care around the patient, making sure the patient gets the exact focus and treatment when and where it is needed. We call this CGI CommunityCare360.

CGI CommunityCare360 is a modular solution that connects patients, primary care physicians, case coordinators, work coordinators, extended teams, mobile care providers, first responders, administrators and managers.

Collectively, these modules connect and deliver all aspects of community care delivery. They support the reduction of non-emergent ER visits and in-hospital stays. They also enable our partners to provide assisted living as a service. CGI CommunityCare360 also increases worker face time (and therefore billable time) with the patient, in some cases by 67%.

By using the latest mobile and wireless technologies, cloud services, and smart integrations, CGI CommunityCare360 is a solution that heightens mobility, makes healthcare more efficient and streamlined, and increases patient safety. The solution is ready to roll, and easy to implement. No capital investments are needed, no server capacity is required, and there are no restrictions to operating systems.


CGI CommunityCare360 is a trademark of CGI Group Inc.