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Modernising Credit Management

CGI Credit Studio is a modular, event-driven, cloud-native credit platform powered by intelligent automation, machine learning, and advanced analytics that includes credit management software, business processes and underlying IT in a single, cohesive suite.

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Easing the burden of legacy systems

CGI Credit Studio addresses the challenges of legacy IT and capitalises on the promise of digital transformation to provide credit and risk management which enables financial institutions to become more agile, flexible, and customer-focused.

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Digitally transforming credit & collections

Based on client demand for solutions that stem the tide of rising delinquencies, staff shortages and offer customers real-time interaction via preferred channels, initial client implementations of the platform include our collections management solution. Originations and servicing solutions will migrate to the platform next.

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CGI Credit Studio enables you to accelerate time-to-value in just two to three months with fast, low-cost, low-risk deployments. CGI’s phased implementation methodology aims to simplify deployments, minimise costs and risks, and maximise operational benefits quickly.

Business assessment

As part of the pre-sales process, we work closely with our clients to understand their current capabilities. We’re able quickly to assess the potential benefits of CGI Credit Studio to your organisation and its credit risk management strategy.

Transformation studio

CGI partners with clients to provide innovation workshops that educate the client on CGI Credit Studio and document business and IT objectives, high-level strategy, and business value. Outcomes of these workshops include an implementation roadmap and CGI SaaS deployment plan aligned to objectives.

Incremental implementation

Our experienced experts guide clients through each stage, ensuring rigorous project and quality management. The “function by function” deployment approach empowers customers to deliver quicker to market and realise business value in just two to three months.

Eases the burden of legacy systems by simplifying and modernising the infrastructure to enable digitisation, adapt to market demands and scale to handle an increased volume
Addresses mounting regulatory changes by ensuring compliance with constantly changing rules and consumer protection measures

Meets customer expectations by enabling a hyper-personalised customer experience allowing real-time interaction, via their preferred channel
Reduces operational costs by providing self-service everything and virtual agents to manage attrition and promote an omnichannel environment

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CACS X for Collections

Debt and credit management reimagined, delivering a transformative customer experience and credit risk management platform.

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Streamlined loan application process with operational agility.

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Integrated servicing system for improved loan management and repayment.