Scoring well across all capability areas, CACS X exhibits unique strengths in the collections and recoveries system market

CACS X has been accredited as an Arum Approved System and is considered exemplary across all capability areas. CACS X for collections is the newest version of the collections and default product line and is available as part of CGI’s end-to-end credit management platform, CGI Credit Studio.

Arum offers a public system assessment that evaluates a product’s ability to meet the following:

  • Technology
  • Functionality
  • User interaction
  • Processing and controls
  • Roadmap
  • Implementation
  • Change capabilities

The review is designed for collections software vendors who want to benefit from Arum’s expertise in selecting and implementing collections systems.

The CACS X solution offers a unique experience focused on technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence, reporting and analytics. The scalable, cloud-native offering creates an “overall first-class technology solution” with real-time, event-driven data processing and proprietary decisioning with an out-of-the-box use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Its depth of reporting and flexible approach to strategic and tactical data in a single environment establishes CACS X as a market and class-leading collections and recovery solution that creates a compelling proposition for its target customers.

There are six key areas of the software solution that Arum identified:

  1. Overall first-class technology solution: A genuine cloud-native, microservice-based solution with real-time event-driven data processing maximizes a cloud architecture's benefits.
  2. Maximized benefit delivery: Agile, modular approach to delivery with a comprehensive managed services framework.
  3. Efficient experience: Flexible user interface with solid UX principles underpinning the approach create an efficient experience and flexibility to suit business needs.
  4. Compelling ML/AI implementation proposition: Market-leading, configurable simulation and treatment strategy optimization and chat automation with the potential for unsupervised AI.
  5. Complete end-to-end control: Fully integrated decision engine with rules-based processing for a comprehensive and systematic decision-making approach throughout the system. 
  6. Clearly developed roadmap: Developed with many varied sources of innovation and a regular release schedule that consider customers’ needs and demonstrates how it fits into the larger CGI Credit Studio platform.

This accreditation demonstrates that CACS X meets the market needs and Arum’s standards for delivering on the promise of a new version of its CACS lineage, bringing decades of experience to the forefront of this reimagined solution.

“We take great pride in our team’s dedication and hard work, which led to the successful rebuild and launch of CGI Credit Studio and CACS X,” says Hemanth Gorur, VP of Credit solutions at CGI. “This industry recognition serves as a testimony to our team’s steadfast commitment to deliver on the promise of an innovative, vision-driven solution that offers a holistic approach to collections and default management.”

“It was great working with the CGI team to assess the CACS X platform against our meticulous capabilities and required standards,” adds Matt Washington of Arum. “Our assessment confirms that CACS X not only meets but exceeds the required standards. The evolution of the product from monolithic solution to cloud-native software as a service modular architecture brings an impressive package of capabilities to the table faster than previously possible, in a far more flexible manner.” 

About Arum 

Arum is the UK’s leading independent advisory and professional services provider within collections and revenue across the public and private sectors. With 25 years of experience in over 20 countries, organizations choose Arum to prevent and resolve their problem collections and revenue challenges - whether executing strategic, operational and technical change within their organizations, choosing or implementing collections technology, navigating the inexorable move towards digital engagement, or improving customer treatment to achieve better outcomes. 

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