CGI Ratabase is a comprehensive set of powerful rating and product configuration tools that transform rating and empower your business professionals to build, design and release competitive produits in the fastest possible time.

Product overview and key benefits

Ratabase, the trusted name in insurance industry rating, allows insurance agents and consumers to generate policy price quotes in real-time, and provides actuaries and business analysts with the collection of sophisticated modeling tools they need to keep pace with the latest marketplace trends and directions.

Putting greater technical capabilities in the hands of business users means insurance companies can leverage their information assets like never before—segmenting markets, performing impact analysis, spotting trends, testing new business opportunities, and offering customers more competitive products overall.

Because Ratabase is a specialized ratings platform—not an add-on to a policy administration system—clients gain the benefits of quicker product deployment, more robust ratings capabilities, greater scalability, true platform independence, easy maintenance, and a bigger, more immediate return on their ratings system investment.

Key features and benefits of Ratabase include:

Innovative functionality

  • Leverages the power of Microsoft® Excel within the Ratabase toolset
  • Provides a faster, more efficient delivery of functionality through Ratabase Apps
  • Uses impact analysis to simplify the process in determining new rating products

Productivity gains

  • Creates efficiency and improved speed to market through streamlined workflow
  • Enables more efficient management of multiple work projects
  • Enhances capabilities to find information faster
  • Enables the ability to preview and edit information more rapidly

Operational efficiency

  • Simplifies moving data between internal groups
  • Enables creation and configuration of organization-based user roles
  • Simplifies and consolidates the creation and maintenance of tables